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Taste a variety of award winning Talon wines at Talon’s two locations in Lexington & Shelbyville, KY. From whites & reds to fruits & blushes, Talon has a wine for any kind of wine lover. Bring a friend & drink Talon! Tastings are open to the public 7 days a week at both Talon locations.

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Chardonnay $20 Aged on French Oak to provide a hint of oak and improve mouthfeel, banana and tropical fruits highlight the nose, with hints of vanilla (1)
Moondance $21 Pinot Gris, a ripe tropical citrus nose combined with round satisfying flavors (1)
Sweet Evening Breeze $17 Elegant Reisling style semi-sweet wine. Fresh and fruity blend of white grapes. Light, crisp and refreshing with tropical undertones (3)



Equestrian Series VI $23 A medium bodied wine with aromas of pepper, cherry and spicy cocoa. An excellent structure.
Cabernet Sauvignon $29 Rich and full bodied dry red. Kentucky Oak Barrel aged with deep black currant and black cherry aromas (1)
Monarch $25 Full bodied and lively Cabernet Franc. Fruit forward, moderately tannic and peppery (1)
Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve $75 Locally grown and rare Kentucky Cabernet. Aromas of cherry, black currant and a touch of eucalyptus that finishes with vanilla, chocolate, and a hint of smoke (1)
Coyote Red $17 A soft red, semi-sweet, smooth and versatile Chambourcin and Vidal Blanc blend. Refreshing light cherry and strawberry flavors (3)


Fruits & Blushes

Southern Ros'e $20 Refreshing silky texture with balance, character and romantic floral aromas. Spiced apple and a hint of strawberry, finishes with just a touch of sweetness (2)
Bluegrass Blush $15 Luscious semi-sweet blush with citrus and tropical fruit flavors (4)
Afterglow (*Available March 2017*) $15 A semi-sweet blend of Catawba with a robust grape flavor (4)
Blackberry $15 A delectable fruit dessert wine made from the freshest mountain blackberries (5)
Forbidden (SOLD OUT) $20 Spiced apple wine. Freshly picked crisp apple flavors and a rich warm cinnamon finish (6)
Chocolate Strawberry $20 Sip into the red, silky, sexy temptation of our sweet strawberry chocolate dessert wine (5)

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